Business Process Management

Concepts, Languages, Architectures (Third Edition)

BPMN modeling (2)

In this assignment you should model the interacting processes of the participants described below in BPMN:

Design the processes for a client who wants to establish an on-line catering service. The service should be available over the Internet and provide the options to create or change customer profiles, choose and remove goods from a shopping cart, as well as a checkout. The goods are divided into two types: cold and warm. All cold goods are simply taken from the storehouse, whereas warm goods are prepared half an hour before the delivery starts. After the customer has chosen several gold and warm goods, he can proceed to the checkout. The checkout requires the selection of 1) a customer profile, 2) the delivery time, and 3) the credit card number, which is debited at the bank. Afterwards the order is saved and the customer receives confirmation e-mail. The customer should be able to cancel orders at any time until one hour before the delivery time. The catering service has to check open orders frequently to prepare warm goods in time for delivery. After all cold and warm goods have been collected or prepared, they are delivered to the customer. The next day after the delivery an e-mail is send to the customer asking for feedback about the quality of the service and goods.

More information on BPMN can be found in the book in chapter 4.7